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5 lesser-known Nordic cities for the ultimate urban getaway

Explore 5 off-the-beaten-path Nordic cities

The Nordic region is known for its picturesque landscapes, but if you’re in the know, you’ll also know that it’s home to some of the coolest and most vibrant cities in Europe. For young and hip travellers who seek the unexpected, the lesser-known cities of the Nordic region offer the perfect urban getaway. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five cities, one from each of the five Nordic countries, that will leave a lasting impression.

Domestic Aarhus Denmark restaurant


Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark, is a cultural hotspot that boasts a food scene like no other. With its rich heritage and thriving arts scene, Aarhus is the epitome of a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. From the Aros Aarhus Art Museum to the historic Latin Quarter, Aarhus is a must-visit for those seeking a unique cultural experience. And with its fusion of traditional Scandinavian cuisine and contemporary flair, Aarhus is a foodie’s dream come true. Don’t miss checking out Your Rainbow Panorama, an immersive artwork by Olafur Eliasson, Michelin-star restaurant Domestic and the showroom of Danish kitchen manufacturer Garde Hvalsøe.

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Photography courtesy of Garde Hvalsøe and Domestic

Tampere Finland


Tampere, Finland

Tampere, Finland’s second-largest city, proudly displays its industrial heritage and is a city that’s full of surprises. From the Tampere Art Museum to the Tampere Market Hall, this city is teeming with hidden cultural gems. When you’re ready for a break, Tampere’s stunning natural surroundings, including the picturesque Lake Näsijärvi and the rolling hills of the Tampere Region, offer endless outdoor adventure opportunities. Tampere is the perfect destination for those seeking a blend of history, culture and adventure. Stay at Hotel Sandsund or Lillan Hotel & Kök for the city’s best boutique experience.

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Photography courtesy of Visit Tampere and Lillan Hotel & Kök

Akureyrarkirkja Akureyri Iceland church architecture


Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri in Iceland is the hidden gem of the north, a city surrounded by stunning fjords, glaciers and waterfalls. With its charming atmosphere and hub for outdoor activities, Akureyri is the perfect escape for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature while still enjoying city life. From the iconic 1940 Akureyrarkirkja church, by architect Guðjón Samúelsson, to the Akureyri Art Museum, this city is full of cultural treasures waiting to be explored. We recommend a stay at Hotel Akureyri Dynheimar, a 1923 cinema and printing house that has been transformed into a cosy boutique hotel. For the best coffee and food in town, head to Ketilkaffi and Eyja Vínstofa.

Photography courtesy of Ketilkaffi

Trondheim Norway


Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim, Norway, is a city with a rich cultural heritage that’s just waiting to be discovered. Its stunning architecture, including the impressive Gothic-style Nidaros Cathedral and the baroque-style Archbishop’s Palace, will leave a lasting impression. Trondheim is a city that showcases the best of Norwegian culture, making it the ideal destination for history buffs and those seeking a cultural escape. The two Michelin-star restaurants Credo and Fagn are both very good.

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Photography courtesy of Credo

Saltimporten Canteen Malmö Sweden lunch restaurant


Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden, is a city that’s pushing boundaries with its fusion of cultures and its food and arts scene that rivals the best in Europe. From the Malmö Art Museum to the charming neighbourhoods of the Old Town, Malmö is a city that’s full of cultural richness and aesthetic appeal. For those seeking a culturally rich and visually stunning urban escape, Malmö is the city for you. Don’t miss the vibrant multicultural neighbourhood Möllevången.

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Photography courtesy of Care Of and Saltimporten Canteen

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