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The 2024 hot list: Copenhagen’s best new restaurants, bars and cafés

The list of all-new 2024 Copenhagen restaurants, bars and cafés

Do you want to know where to eat and drink in Copenhagen, Denmark, right now? Restaurant aficionados want to know what’s new, what’s popular, and where their favourite chefs have settled — and with a slew of highly anticipated debuts, there are more places to explore than ever before. We maintain a current list of all new Copenhagen restaurants, bars, and cafés that have opened in the last year, conveniently divided down month by month so you can see exactly when they opened. Here is the complete guide to Copenhagen’s newest, best and buzziest restaurants, bars and cafés.

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Ssam Korean Food Bar Copenhagen Denmark restaurant review


Ssam Korean Food Bar

Ssam Korean Food Bar’s Nørrebro location marries modern Korean cuisine with a Nordic essence. Centred around its Anju-inspired Korean fried chicken and nutrition-packed Bibimbap dishes, the menu is a delight. Unique to Ssam are the bulgogi ribeye buns, offering a distinct taste sensation. The bar complements this with innovative soju-based cocktails and Korean pale ale, incorporating Jeju Island’s Nori tangerines. Founders Jeong Hwa and Jeff Larsen’s vision of blending Korean culture with Nordic preferences shines through in their carefully adapted recipes.

Ssam Korean Food Bar
Fælledvej 5

Photography courtesy of Ssam Korean Food Bar


Restaurant Anton Copenhagen Denmark restaurant review
Restaurant Anton Copenhagen Denmark restaurant review


Restaurant Anton

Restaurant Anton, set in the historic Grandjeans Gård from 1853, encapsulates a dining experience rich in history and culinary innovation. Its interior, featuring the portrait of Anton Svendsen by P.S. Krøyer, adds a layer of cultural depth. The restaurant’s connection with Copenhagen’s elite, including Danish author H.C. Andersen, enhances its historical allure. Adhering to a philosophy of seasonal and local ingredients, akin to its acclaimed sibling restaurants Marv & Ben and The Pescatarian, Anton offers a sustainable and quality-focused menu. Guests laud the exceptional service and extraordinary cuisine, marking it as a fusion of historical elegance and contemporary gastronomy.

Restaurant Anton
Store Strandstræde 3

Photography courtesy of Armin Tehrani and Restaurant Anton

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Rosetta Copenhagen Denmark restaurant review



Rosetta in Østerbro excels in delivering an authentic Italian pizza experience. Renowned for its varied selection, from classic pepperoni to innovative combinations like potato and broccoli, Rosetta caters to diverse palates. Customers have the option to customize their pizzas or opt for sandwiches and salads. Despite some mixed reviews, with some noting issues like oiliness, many laud its crunchy, flavorful slices. The venue’s local charm and prime location near the park Fælledparken make it a popular choice for both dine-in and takeaway.

Vesterbrogade 120

Photography courtesy of Rosetta

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