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All Nordic winners in the World’s 50 Best Bars 2023

The top 5 Nordic cocktail bars

In last year’s coverage of The World’s 50 Best Bars, we highlighted the burgeoning Nordic cocktail scene with four bars making the prestigious list. This year, we’re excited to report an upward trend, as the number of Nordic bars on the list has grown from four to five. Oslo’s Himkok has made a remarkable jump from 43rd to 10th, and Stockholm’s Röda Huset has climbed from 78th to 31st. Welcoming newcomers, Oslo’s Svanen debuts at 84th, and Copenhagen’s Ruby starts at 87th. While Stockholm’s Tjoget has dropped from 71st to 93rd, the overall increase in Nordic representation is a positive sign of the region’s expanding influence in the global cocktail scene. However, Lucy’s Flower Shop, featured last year, did not make the list this time.

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Himkok Oslo Norway cocktail bar
Himkok Oslo Norway cocktail bar


Himkok []

Himkok, the bar that formed Scandinavian cocktail culture when Erk Potur opened it in 2015, is hidden behind an inconspicuous façade. Himkok, the Norwegian word for moonshine, attempts to embody Norwegian culture through cocktails and spirits distilled while remaining true to its surrounding nature. With a fully operational distillery producing aquavit, gin, and vodka, Himkok is able to create drinks and products with a true Nordic flavour via sustainable and empirical production. Signature drinks like the Birch, a Martini-style cocktail served with a blue cheese-stuffed olive, are served in a rustic 1930s-inspired space with dark wood, gilded mirrors, and low lighting.

Storgata 27

Photography courtesy of Himkok

Röda Huset Stockholm Sweden cocktail bar restaurant


Röda Huset []

The red house, or Röda Huset, is a restaurant and bar owned by bartender Hampus Thunholm. He hopes to develop the Scandinavian cocktail style here. Instead of building the drink with alcohol as a starting point, his philosophy is first to mix a good drink and then add spirits. He employs traditional techniques, but also has molecular elements and resorts to snazzy machines and liquid nitrogen when he feels it adds something to the drink.

Röda Huset
Malmskillnadsgatan 9

Photography courtesy of Johan Fowelin and Marge Arkitekter
Svanen Oslo Norway cocktail bar
Svanen Oslo Norway cocktail bar


Svanen [new]

Svanen Cocktaibar in Oslo, housed in the historic Svaneapoteket, is a masterpiece of cocktail craftsmanship. Owned by Yunus Yildiz, famed for the internationally renowned Himkok, Svanen is a blend of history and innovation. Housed in a neoclassical building dating back to 1896 and listed as a cultural heritage, the bar maintains its original marble columns and dark-wood panelling, with swans adorning the decor in homage to its name. The contrast between the historical surroundings and the contemporary cocktail creations is striking. Signature drinks like the Nordic Tiki and the Tyttebær, a unique take on the margarita, showcase a fusion of classic and modern flavours, making Svanen a standout in the world’s cocktail scene. Here, tradition meets modernity in a setting where history is preserved and the future of mixology is crafted, securing its place among the top cocktail bars globally.

Karl Johans Gate 13

Photography courtesy of Svanen


Ruby [new]

Ruby Cocktailbar in Copenhagen is about as good as it gets right in the bustling inner city of Copenhagen. Tucked away in a classic 18th-century townhouse, its interior marries the charm of old-world architecture with a chic, contemporary style. The bar’s ambiance is intimate and inviting, with plush seating and dim lighting creating an ideal setting for enjoying their innovative cocktails. Ruby’s signature drinks are a testament to their creativity, blending unique, locally-sourced ingredients with a flair that’s both classic and avant-garde. Known for its impeccable service and a meticulously curated menu, Ruby offers an experience that transcends the ordinary. The balance of history, ambiance, and cutting-edge mixology has rightfully earned Ruby a prestigious spot among the world’s elite cocktail lounges, making it a must-visit destination.

Nybrogade 10

Photography courtesy of Ruby

Tjoget Stockholm Sweden bar restaurant
Tjoget Stockholm Sweden bar restaurant


Tjoget []

Multi-space venue Tjoget has been featured on the annual list of The World’s 50 Best Bars various times. The venue, a cocktail bar, eatery, wine bar and beer café in one, was founded by bartenders Andreas Bergman and Joel Söderbäck in the former working-class area of Hornstull. It lies a little off the beaten path but is well worth the visit. Tjoget’s signature is Beets by Tjoget, a cocktail that mixes beetroot and vodka with coconut and ginger.

Hornsbruksgatan 24

Photography courtesy of Tjoget

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