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All Nordic winners in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023

The 4 Nordic restaurants that are among the best in the world

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list has been revealed and the Nordic culinary scene is leaving its remarkable imprint once again. The spotlight shines on Copenhagen with Alchemist’s significant climb to the 5th spot, the new entry of Kadeau at 91st, and Jordnær, holding strong at 57th. Over in Stockholm, Frantzén has gracefully settled at the 30th position. Meanwhile, last year’s titleholder, Geranium of Copenhagen, ascends into the Best of the Best group alongside past champions, including Nordic standout, Noma. This list, voted by a global culinary jury, is a testament to the dynamism and allure of the Nordic gastronomic panorama.

Alchemist Copenhagen Denmark restaurant


Alchemist []

What if food could be transformed to transcend the traditional dining experience? That is what Danish chef Rasmus Munk sets out to do through “holistic cuisine” at Alchemist. As a gastronomic sorcerer, his 50-meal dinner, ​​divided into five acts and served at various spaces within the restaurant, draws upon elements from the worlds of theatre and art, as well as science, technology and design, in order to create an all-encompassing and dramaturgically driven sensory experience. It’s edible magic.

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Refshalevej 173C

Photography courtesy of Alchemist

Restaurant Frantzén Stockholm Sweden
Restaurant Frantzén Stockholm Sweden


Frantzén []

Frantzén is hands down one of the best meals we have ever experienced. What makes the 23-seat Michelin three-star restaurant so memorable is not only the remarkable food and outstanding service but also the truly how the immersive dining experience involves all three floors of a Stockholm townhouse, designed by local interior architectural studio Joyn. Ring the doorbell to be greeted by your name, step into the elevator and let chef Björn Frantzén take you on a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic adventure that is carefully considered down to the very last detail. Set aside four hours for a meal at Frantzén.

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Klara Norra kyrkogata 26

Photography courtesy of Frantzén


Jordnær []

At Jordnær, Danish for ‘down to earth’, real-life partners Tina and Eric Vildgaard serve up a feast made out of the delicacies plucked directly from the ocean: langoustines, turbot and king crab, not to mention the copious amounts of caviar that plays an important role throughout the meal. At Jordnær, located in the unassuming Gentofte Hotel a little north of Copenhagen’s city centre, the dining experience is all about the joy of scrumptious flavours and exquisite produce.

Gentoftegade 29

Photography courtesy of Jordnær

Kadeau Copenhagen Denmark restaurant


Kadeau []

Chef Nicolai Nørregaard has taken a small piece of Bornholm, the Danish island in the Baltic Sea where he founded Kadeau in 2010, to the city by introducing a sister restaurant in the Christianshavn neighbourhood. Inspired by the natural, primaeval nature found on the island, Nørregaard serves up a multi-course Nordic tasting menu that is sure to make your taste buds sing. Kadeau’s elegant and warm interior was designed by local design practice OEO Studio.

Wildersgade 10B

Photography courtesy of Kadeau

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