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Reykjavík, Iceland

All the Michelin star restaurants in Reykjavík and Iceland – 2022 edition

The full list of Reykjavík’s and Iceland’s 2022 Michelin star restaurants

Every summer marks the start of foodie Christmas, as Michelin hands out its coveted stars to the world’s best restaurants. This year sees Reykjavík’s and Iceland’s star rain land on one new entry – restaurant Óx. Here are Reykjavík’s and Iceland’s two Michelin stars of 2022, spread out over two restaurants.
Dill Reykjavik Iceland restaurant



Opened in 2009, Dill is arguably Iceland’s most well-known restaurant as it was the first restaurant in the country to receive a Michelin star. Here, chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason applies a New Nordic philosophy to cooking, with dishes being inspired by the Icelandic landscape and ingredients being foraged or sourced locally. Think dried, smoked, pickled foods paired with natural wines. Dill is housed in a modernist downtown Reykjavík building and the space is designed by Hálfdán Pedersen.

Laugavegur 59

Photography courtesy of Dill

Ox Reykjavik Iceland restaurant


Óx – new entry

At this 11-seat eatery, chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson invites its guests to a communal multi-course dining experience that centres around a set surprise menu of top Icelandic ingredients. Each ingredient and dish comes with its own story, told by the chef behind the v-shaped restaurant bar. A meal at Óx is a highly engaging meal where the journey gives guests unexpected culinary sensations that marry traditional flavours with modern touches.

Laugavegur 28

Photography courtesy of Óx

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