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My Nordics, as told by Pella Hedeby

An insider’s guide to the Nordics with Pella Hedeby

Meet Pella Hedeby, an interior maven and trailblazer known for her soft minimalism and distinctive Nordic aesthetic. Living south of Stockholm with her two sons and two elegant Italian greyhounds, Hedeby’s origins in the tranquil woods of northern Sweden have deeply influenced her love for nature. With a substantial following, Hedeby is a sought-after voice in the design community, regularly contributing to prestigious publications and high-profile clients. Embracing both yoga and a mindful approach to life, she masterfully creates spaces that emanate tranquillity, understated luxury and sustainability. Hedeby’s design philosophy, centred on crafting welcoming and rejuvenating homes, is both timeless and forward-thinking. Journey with her as she shares her inspirations, experiences and beloved Nordic spots, offering a unique perspective on the authentic essence of Scandinavian living.

Portrait photography courtesy of Tobias Lundqvist
Copenhagen Denmark style travel guide

“I find so much inspiration in all of the Nordic countries.”

In the Nordics, my favourite country is …

… tough to pinpoint. I find so much inspiration in all of the Nordic countries. However, the one I’ve delved into the most is Sweden, particularly due to the diverse elements you can discover there.

For a dose of urban pulse, I head to …

Copenhagen, for its overarching stylish inspiration. I love to stroll around the city, visiting some of my favourite design brands, inspiring showrooms and shops. A special mention goes to Audo Copenhagen, an impeccable blend of hospitality and retail that never ceases to inspire me.

Gotland Sweden design travel guide
Bergaliv Vallsta Hälsingland Sweden stay

“It becomes clear how little one truly needs …”

For the perfect close-to-nature experience, I visit …

… Furillen on northern Gotland. The magical light, the rugged terrain with its chalk-white stone beaches and the windswept pines captivate me.

For a memorable getaway, I check myself into …

… the Loft House at Bergaliv landscape hotel in Hälsingland in northern Sweden. The small architectural cottages, designed by Fria Folket, overlook the sea at Orbaden. Dwelling in the woods surrounded by nature provides the most beautiful and tranquil experience. The quiet simplicity encountered during your stay encourages you to pause and contemplate life’s true essentials. It becomes clear how little one truly needs, deeply enriched by the union of nature, architecture and the balanced interiors and food offered at the location.

Gemla Vinbar Stockholm Sweden bar

“I adore the menu and the cosy atmosphere of this intimate spot.”

For a great meal, I go to …

… restaurant Matateljén in Enskede. I adore the menu and the cosy atmosphere of this intimate spot. In the summer, a stop at Karshamra Mat & Trädgård is a must for the best wood-fired pizza, served right next to their garden. Another culinary and architectural delight is a visit to Osprey Farm near Strängnäs.

For a fun night out, I head to …

… Gemla Vinbar. Though I don’t often have nights out anymore, it’s my top pick for a natural wine experience in a cosy setting.

“Fotografiska [is] a charming spot to meet friends over lunch, afternoon tea or a Swedish fika.”

For a dose of retail therapy, I shop at …

… Artilleriet, an inspiring interior shop I eagerly visit when in Gothenburg.

For a dose of culture, I head to …

… Fotografiska, not just for the exhibitions but also as a charming spot to meet friends over lunch, afternoon tea or a Swedish fika. Additionally, Artipelag stands out with its exquisite design by renowned architect Johan Nyrén. Nestled amid the beauty of the archipelago, this architectural gem combines art, nature and thoughtful design, offering an immersive experience that’s both enriching and tranquil.
Lindeborgs Eco Retreat Vrena Södermanland Sweden stay

“It’s about views and surroundings that prompt us to pause and breathe.”

For a hidden gem, I recommend …

… Lindeborgs Eco Retreat. I’ve been numerous times since its opening. The yoga, sauna, views, woodland walks and delectable food make it a rejuvenating experience. I always leave feeling refreshed.

For me, a quintessential Nordic experience is …

… embracing nature. Whether in the mountains, the archipelago or on an eco farm, it’s the simplicity and authenticity that resonate. It’s about views and surroundings that prompt us to pause and breathe. Personally, Niehku Mountain Villa in Riksgränsen is on my bucket list, be it for summer hikes or winter skiing.

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