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The 2024 hot list: the 6 best new hotels in Scandinavia and the Nordics

The list of all-new 2024 hotels in the Nordics

Do you want to know where to book a stay in Scandinavia and the Nordics, right now? Hotel aficionados want to know what’s new, what’s popular and where to go – and with a slew of highly anticipated debuts, there are more hotels to explore than ever before. We maintain a current list of all new hotels along the Nordics that are set to open in 2024, conveniently divided down month by month so you can see exactly when they opened. Here is the complete guide to the Nordic region’s newest, best and buzziest hotels, inns and guesthouses.

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Villa Dahlia Stockholm Sweden hotel review
Villa Dahlia Stockholm Sweden hotel review


Villa Dahlia

At the heart the Vasastan area of Stockholm, Villa Dahlia draws inspiration from Milan’s grand townhouses of the 1920s and 1930s. Spearheaded by the Malmström family, this chic boutique hotel, set to open in autumn 2024, promises an international allure with its 103 meticulously designed rooms and suites. The hotel’s interiors, curated by Anna and Pauline Cappelen, ensure that every corner resonates with casual elegance. Guests can indulge in the culinary delights of Villa Dahlia’s exclusive restaurant, unwind in the sophisticated cocktail bar or rejuvenate at the dedicated spa and gym.

Villa Dahlia

Photography courtesy of Villa Dahlia
Lilløy Lindenberg Midtøy Vestland Norway hotel review



Located in the region of Vestland, Norway, Lilløy Lindenberg is a marvel of luxury on its secluded island, surrounded by the expansive Northern Sea. As 2024 dawns, this remote treasure, a collaboration between acclaimed interior designers Vera & Kyte and the visionary Lindeberg hotel group, opens its doors. The Norwegian duo Vera & Kyte are celebrated for their dynamic and innovative style, masterfully blending modern sophistication with the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Lilløy Lindenberg

Photography courtesy of Dave Imms and Lilløy Lindenberg


Scandic Södra Kajen Stockholm Sweden hotel review


Scandic Södra Kajen

Set to redefine the skyline of Stockholm’s Värtahamnen, Scandic Södra Kajen beckons as a modern hospitality experience expected to open its doors in 2024, with unparalleled city and archipelago vistas. Inside, the hotel champions sustainability, with eco-conscious Room Collection interiors, featuring up-cycled materials and furnishings crafted from recycled fishing nets and PET bottles. The property boasts a wellness club on the 17th floor, a cutting-edge gym and a scenic sky-bar. With a spacious restaurant catering to 254 guests and a revamped lobby, Scandic Södra Kajen is set to be a dynamic hotspot, mirroring Stockholm’s own blend of historic charm and contemporary flair.

Scandic Södra Kajen
Södra Kajen 37

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Photography courtesy of Scandic Södra Kajen


Hobo Helsinki Finland hotel review


Hobo Helsinki

Hobo Helsinki, located in the heart of Helsinki, offers a unique blend of community, culture and urban design. Crafted by the innovative Studio Aisslinger, the hotel stands out with its edgy and vibrant interiors, reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit. With 184 rooms, each space in Hobo Helsinki is a canvas of local creativity and style. The hotel’s restaurant and bar pulse with energy, serving as a gathering spot for both guests and locals. Live concerts and pop-up clubs replace traditional hotel amenities, transforming the space into an urban cultural arena. Hobo Helsinki is a lively, ever-evolving hub of creativity and connection in the heart of the city.

Hobo Helsinki
Kluuvikatu 4

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Photography courtesy of Hobo Helsinki


Bob W Østerbro Copenhagen Denmark hotel review


Bob W Østerbro

Bob W Østerbro in Copenhagen’s bustling Østerbro district, offers an exquisite blend of local charm and contemporary flair. This former chocolate factory now houses 165 studio and one-bedroom apartments, each a masterpiece of bespoke design and technology. Collaboration with local design mavens ensures each space resonates with Copenhagen’s spirit, featuring graphical window frames, cocoa brown tones and iconic Danish pieces like the Benny Frandsen Ball reading light. Bob W’s commitment to sustainability shines through in eco-friendly furnishings and toiletries, while guests enjoy contactless service, 24/7 customer support and neighbourhood gems.

Bob W Østerbro
31 Teglværksgade

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Photography courtesy of Bob W Østerbro

Vipp Cold Hawaii Thy Nord Jutland Denmark guesthouse review


Vipp Cold Hawaii

In the heart of Denmark’s rugged coastline, the Vipp Cold Hawaii guesthouse emerges as a minimalist haven amidst the wild dunes of Thy National Park. This architectural gem, a collaboration between architect Hahn Lavsen and design brand Vipp, showcases traditional materials in a modern light across its 153 square metres. The interior, curated by Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, contrasts raw elements with sleek furniture and features the Vipp V3 kitchen as a centrepiece. Offering three tranquil bedrooms, expansive glass walls and an earthy palette, it provides a unique immersion into a lifestyle inspired by the surf and the natural beauty of Denmark’s coastline, standing as a model of design excellence and serene living.

Vipp Cold Hawaii
Thy National Park

Photography courtesy of Vipp

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